A powerful, constantly improving discord bot.

Nyx is a Discord bot built with community, utility and fun at heart. Shorter commands, easy logging, and a rapidly increasing list of commands available to everyone, all without any "premium" cost.

(in other words, it's free, and it will always be free)


- Easy moderation commands, including the functionality of logging actions. 

- Reasoning System tells the user the reasoning of the moderation action, along with reasoning on bans.

- Customization for your server, or to just keep nyx from accidentally getting the other bot in on the conversation.

- Fun commands to kill some time while you're waiting for that hot pocket to finish heating up.

- NO PREMIUM FEATURES! Nyx saves the best commands for everyone.

- Stable uptime! Nyx has a goal to stay online almost 100% of the time, meaning you can watch your memes at any time of the day (or night.) See the uptime here!

And last of all, constant improvements!
Nyx is always being improved, which you can always track via the update logs

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